Most Popular Golf Resorts and Hotels in Portugal

golf resorts in Portugal

Monte Rei

Found in Eastern Algarve, Monte Tei has a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course offering incredible views of the nearby mountains. It is no secret that Nicklaus courses can challenge even the best players, and Monte Rei is no different. If you are looking for a great place to test your game, this course is certainly worth your consideration.

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Oceanico Victoria

Another course in the Algarve region, Oceanico Victoria is located in Vilamoura and was designed by another golf legend in Arnold Palmer. Courses designed by Palmer are known for being forgiving for less-experienced players while still enjoyable for more seasoned golfers. The course has had the honor of hosting professional golf tournaments over the years, and would make a nice addition to any Portugal golf vacation.

Portugal - the best place for professional golfers

Portugal is a beautiful country and offers some of the best golf courses and hotels to be found in all of Europe. Many of these great courses are located at golf resorts which are popular destinations for travelers from all around the globe. If you are looking for a destination for an upcoming golf trip and want to go somewhere that offers amazing culture in addition to wonderful golf, Portugal is an excellent choice. While there are far too many golf courses in Portugal to list within this article, some of the most popular are found below. Before you book any golf trip to visit Portugal, take some time to review all of the many courses the country has to offer and pick out the ones that you want to experience for yourself.

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Continuing the trend of courses designed by golf legends, Nick Faldo designed this layout, which is again located in the Algarve region. With views plentiful and hilly terrain awaiting golfers on the back nine, this Faldo course is somewhat unique in its design as compared to other Portugal layouts.

Of course, there are countless more courses all around Portugal that could make up part of your trip, so be sure to seek out more options for yourself. Many times, wonderful hotels can also be found along with the golf courses you visit to make for a more convenient travel experience. If not, rest assured that good hotels are never far away when visiting the resort areas around Portugal. Once you have selected your courses and hotels for the trip, all that’s left to do is get your golf game ready for the challenge!

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