10 Interesting Facts About The Vidago Golf Course

Here are ten informative points regarding one of the oldest golf courses in Portugal; the Vidago course.

  1. Nine short holes
  2. Vidago is one of the many short play golf courses in Portugal. It has nine holes and demands many short play skills such as chipping, putting and pitching. If you are good at controlling your shots, this course will be a synch.

  3. Streams involved
  4. The only hole that does not pose a water threat is the first. Two streams accompany all other holes on the course, so make sure your aim is on track.

  5. Natural terrain slopes
  6. This course has been designed around mountainous terrain. Some of the holes have heavy slopes because of this. Watch out for these areas and gauge the best ways to overcome uphill slopes and steep downhill ones too.

  7. Easy to strategise
  8. From the start of your game, you will get a good view of the entire golf course. From here, it’s recommended that you take in your surroundings and formulate an informal strategy on how to address each hole to come.

  9. Not too many bunkers
  10. Most of the holes on this course do not have dangerously placed bunkers. You should worry more about the water streams on the side. Keep your ball on or near the fairway and you’re likely to be okay.

  11. Bunkers on hole 1 & 7
  12. However, hole 1 and 7 do contain dangerously placed bunkers. On hole one, there are two bunkers placed on both sides of the green. Hole seven has a whopping four bunkers, one of which is right next to the green.

  13. Watch out for tree spots
  14. There are quite a number of trees on this course. It’s an old course and the oak trees present are rather large. Keep away from these if you can.

  15. On site spa
  16. Enjoy a spa treatment while you’re at Vidago. Or get your spouse to enjoy one while you play your game.

  17. One of the oldest courses in Portugal
  18. This golf course was established in 1936, making it one of the absolute classics in Portuguese history. Be a part of this heritage by playing it at least once.

  19. Narrow fairways
  20. It may be harder to stay on the fairways than you think. They aren’t that wide, making this one of the challenging factors of the course.