A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Golf Courses In Lagos

Lagos in Algarve, Portugal is famous for its various golf courses. In total, Lagos has 12 golf clubs and golf courses. Among these, we have picked the five best golf courses and reviewed them.

  1. Boavista Golf & Spa Resort
  2. The Boavista golf course provides golfers an incredible range of facilities in an exclusively stylish yet tranquil atmosphere. Due to this, the golf course attracts numerous people from around the world.

    The course, which is designed by Howard Swan MSc who is the former president of The European Institute of Golf Course Architects, is aimed to produce a fairway that preserves, harmonizes, and integrates with the natural terrain of the area. The Boavista Golf & Spa Resort has 1 golf course with 18 holes.

  3. Espiche Golf
  4. The Espiche Golf course, designed by architect Nadine Berger, is located in the less touristy and picturesque Western Algarve. It is just a few minutes away from the ocean and is outside the stunning city of Lagos. This challenging and spectacular golf course is situated in the midst of nature, with pleasant panoramic views. Espiche Golf has 1 golf course with 18 holes.

  5. Morgado do Reguengo Golf Resort
  6. Morgado do Reguengo Golf Resort is situated in the inner Algarve valley, between Monchique and Portimo. This golf course is challenging for both novice as well as experienced golf players. Various bunkers are spread across this fairway that has the attributes of a links. The Morgado do Reguengo Golf Resort has 2 golf courses with 36 holes.

  7. Ocenico O'Connor Jnr Course
  8. The Oceanico O'Connor Jnr Course, which is designed by Christy O’Connor Jnr, is located in a lush and fertile valley. This golf course nicely complements the nearby Oceanico Faldo Course. The course has several water features, which demand test and accuracy from all golf players. The Oceanico O'Connor Jnr Course has 2 golf courses with 27 holes.

  9. Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort
  10. The Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort has 3 golf courses with 27 holes. Each of the three golf courses is assigned different names. One golf course is named Alvor-Lagos Course, which is primarily located on the northern part. The second golf course is Lagos-Praia Course, which starts with a parkland character. And, the third golf course is Praia -Alvor Course, which has seaside scenery with dunes.

These are the five best golf courses in Lagos. Among these, choose the one, which you find the most interesting.