8 Tips To Help You Plan Your First Golf Break In Santa Cruz

Planning your first golf break in Santa Cruz? Congrats! This is one of the most talked about places to visit in Portugal. There are so many things to do and see you will want to do what is necessary to get the best out of your experience; including planning ahead. As you first golf break you will want to learn about golfing options, accommodations and discounts available prior to booking. Here are 8 tips to help you get ready for your Santa Cruz golf break.

  1. Learn about Santa Cruz to create an itinerary. An itinerary is a planned schedule of activities to complete. While some may think this is unnecessary, it may help to at least have a list of possible activities you want to do during your stay.
  2. Check out golf courses and hotel options. There are a few options to check out offering great sights, comfortable accommodations and great golf rounds to enjoy your experience. Checking your options ensures you enjoy the best you can afford.
  3. Consider golf packages or decide to book individual accommodations. This option gives you different things to consider when booking accommodations and scheduling tee times. There is golf packages that help take care of both hotel and golf rounds. Or, you can choose your hotel option separately and contact the golf course to schedule tee time. This may depend on personal preference or based on better value.
  4. Consider weather conditions to help you pack appropriately. Even though you are expected to dress a certain way on the course, think about other activities you want to engage in so you can be dressed appropriately.
  5. Read reviews from people who have visited. One of the best ways to plan your golf break is to get insight from other guests. They may offer recommendations on where to visit and how to get the best deals.
  6. Contact hotels and resorts to learn deals. There are hotels offering great accommodations that are affordable, but some deals may be available depending on when you plan to visit.
  7. Think about what you want to do on the golf course. Consider using this time to improve your skills and schedule golf lessons at the academy.
  8. Book as soon as you can to lock in cheaper rates and discounts. The sooner you book the better the rate.