Golf Holidays in Algarve: the Penina Course

The Penina course is located at the Penina Hotel & Golf Resort in Algarve. This is a beautiful golf course designed by Sir Henry Cotton. The course is actually made up of multiple courses with a set number of holes. For instance, there are a total of two courses each with nine holes. There is also an 18 hole course that has been played by a number of top professional golfers. This course has hosted a number of championship tournaments. Visitors have had nothing but good things to say about their experience. Here are some highlights of the Penina course you should know.

Good Times at One of the Largest Courses in Algarve

Critics and avid golfers alike have plenty to say about this beautiful golf course. It is known as one of the largest courses in the Algarve region with roughly 38 holes at par 73. This is a great opportunity for golfers to really test their skills and their abilities. The good news is there are maps you can look at to get a better idea of how the course is designed. This is good for golfers that want to pick and choose which course to conquer.

A Private Course for the Elite or Serious Golfer

The Penina course is known to be a favorite place for some of golf’s elite players. In other words, it is like an exclusive option only for the best golfers. But, don’t let this aspect intimidate you. Even those getting into the game as a newbie can be enjoy the course. The course has been played by a number of top professional golfers, so it can be a cool experience to say you’ve played golf where the pros play. Besides being one of the largest courses, there are opportunities to improve your golf skills with lessons available. You can schedule golf lessons through their academy and they are available for beginners and advanced players.

Have Fun Playing Golf and Other Sports All Onsite

When you want to take a break from golf there are so many things you can do. The course offers a number of other activities including great food with additional options close by. You can play tennis, football, run track, or enjoy a shuttle ride to the beach. You can really make the most of your time at this course when you learn about engaging activities available.