What is the perfect stance width for a tension-free swing?

Understanding the perfect stance width will depend on the person. Each person will have a different width that varies depending on their abilities. To put this into better perspective you should keep in mind the wider the stance the more weight that will be shifted. You need to have a stance wide enough that will help your body shift weight safely as you make your shot. This can help reduce bending too much and how your body rotates. Understanding basics of this element can greatly reduce injury risk.

The Width of Your Stance Depends on the Widest Part of the Body

For most golfers, understanding stance width will depend on positioning your legs a certain length apart. In this case your legs will be spread apart enough to surpass the width of your shoulders. Some may argue the hips are the widest part of the body, but experts will say it’s the shoulders. If you are completing a shot with a full swing, your feet should be spread wide enough to line up with your shoulders. When you go into your swing with the rotary factor your body can maintain its balance.

Why is This Element Important?

Your stance will help you achieve solid contact with ball with proper grip. This will also help develop club head speed. The action of having your feet spread to shoulder length helps create stability for your swing and your body weight. You can reduce the risk of injury to your body and it helps your swing motion become consistent. If you are not balanced when you make your swing you run the risk of hurting your spine or lower back area as you rotate when you swing. This will help your swing come through smoothly without unnecessary tension.

Practice and Training Can Help You Define Your Stance Width

Swinging your club correctly includes having the right stance width for your physical characteristics. Some feel you need a wider stance beyond your shoulders to swing properly. This may not be true as others feel this is just an excuse if they lack stability and strength. You need stability in order to create the power behind your swing. You can do certain exercises in the gym that require stance width to help you get comfortable with the concept and help you define what is best for you. In many cases wider is not always the right solution.