Solid Advice On How To Stop Thinning A Golf Ball

The golf drive is one of the most important shots that you must perfect if you want to become a very good golf player. In as much as this is the case however, not all players are able to make the perfect drive on the green. In particular, beginner players and semi-pro players usually struggle and end up thinning the ball.

Before we look at thinning and how to avoid it, it is important to understand how it comes about. This way you can learn some mistakes that you normally make and then from there you can learn what to do to avoid them altogether.

What causes thin shots?

A clean shot will in most cases depend on your stance. If you are not able to get a very good stance, there is a high likelihood that you will either thin the shot or deliver a fat golf shot. The reason why a lot of beginner players end up with thin shots is because most of them bend over so much when they are initiating the backswing, but beyond that they are not able to get back to their normal position at the point where they make contact with the ball.

Another cause of a thin shot is when you are standing too close to the ball. Standing too close to the ball will only allow you a very sharp angle of attack, and in most cases you can end up with a thin shot.

As you are hitting the downswing, take note of your body movements and reactions. If you are the kind of player that has a tendency to squeezing your body or keeping a straight back as you get into the backswing, chances are high that you might end up with a thin shot.

When you are about to strike the ball, do you realize that your hips move either side, sideways, backward or forward? If this happens to you, there is a high likelihood that you will deliver a thin shot.

Eliminating thin shots

The first thing you will need to do in order to stop thinning your shots is to pay attention to the points that we have addressed above. Stop making these mistakes and you will hardly ever have to worry about thin shots ever. Other than that, you need to take more time and practice a good stance, and perfecting your swing.