Where To Get Golf Holiday Packages And How To Book Them

There are a number of great resources for discover golf holiday packages. With so many options, it can be confusing to discover packages and understand how to book them. Here are a number of things to consider when finding and booking golf holiday packages.

Location, Location, Location

It’s never been easier to book a golf holiday anywhere in the world. There are so many websites competing for golfers that you can be overwhelmed by your choices.

To prevent information overload, think about what you want in a trip and the kind of golf you want to play. Ask yourself the following questions:

Answering the above questions will help you determine your best options.

Shop around

The market is flooded with daily deal sites as well as golf specific sites offering unique golf holiday packages. Once you have a location, you can begin to see the pricing for different golf packages to your ideal destination.

If you’re okay with less than ideal weather, you can find great discounts on golf holiday packages by avoiding the high season. Lots of courses and neighboring hotels are looking to increase revenues and offer incredible deals during slower, less desirable periods.


Sometimes you’ll see a golf package that meets almost all of your needs, but maybe you’d prefer to play a different course or add additional golf. Many golf deal sites offer customization on their packages.

However, you should take note that you’ll likely have to work directly with a customer service representative. This, along with any substitutions, could cause a delay in booking and increase the cost of your golf holiday package.

The more the merrier

Often times, you can save money by being part of a larger group. You and your partner may only get a small discount on price, but if you bring 12, 10 or sometimes as few as 8 players, you can receive additional discounts.


If you’re not booking with any customizations, most packages can be booked directly online or over the phone. You simply need to provide the company with a credit card and billing information. Some packages will require payment in full rather than just a down payment towards the trip. If you’re paying in full, see if you can get an additional discount because of your commitment. If you’re booking on behalf of your whole group, you will want to have names, emails, phone numbers, addresses and handicap information for as many of your traveling partners as possible.