Top 3 Best Arms and Shoulders Exercises for Golfers

Golf is among the few games which require physical fitness of your complete body. It uses your legs while you rotate, your arms during the swing, your neck during the positioning and your waist during the twist. There are a lot of exercises for Golfers but mostly the stress is on arms and shoulders. Here are the 3 best exercises for your arms and shoulders if you are a lover of Golf and want to keep your body fit for a good and healthy game.

  1. Lateral Raise Exercise
  2. Arms and shoulders can be kept fit through different exercise and techniques. This exercise is the most efficient of all the exercises. The Lateral Raise Exercise usually keeps fit, the middle part of your shoulder. Stand with your feet at distance equal to the width of your hip, from each other. Now hold some weight which can be a Dumbbell too in both your hands. Stretch your hands downwards and direct them in the direction of your legs. Now raise your arms upwards, slowly and uniformly till they reach your shoulder height. Once reached, slowly bring your hands back to the original position. Remember that your arms should not exceed your shoulder height.

  3. Reverse Fly
  4. The reverse fly exercise also works your shoulder and arm. It specially strengthens the back of your shoulder. This exercise requires you to bend down at your waist height. And hold the dumbbells in your 2 hands. Now move the dumbbells towards the back of your legs and bring your arms back to the starting position suck that your palms are aligned with each other. You should stand with your legs at a distance of hip-width from each other. This also helps in strengthening your arms as more stress is on your arms.

  5. Triceps Kickbacks
  6. This exercise is also related to the development of your shoulder and arms muscles but as the name shows, it has more effects on triceps muscles which are in the back of your upper arm. This exercise also involves weight lifting. Dumbbells are the most handy weights so you should use those. Hold the dumbbells in both the hands and bend over to your waist. Now place your palms in front of your body and then slowly move them back towards your hips. After reaching back, move your hands towards the starting position for completing one round of the exercise.