Tee Times In Portugal: What To Expect From The Troia Golf Course

Anyone who has had the chance to experience the best of Portugal in terms of golfing can attest to the fact that there is so much more to it than most people ever know about. The interesting thing about golfing in places like the Troia golf course is that at times it is more satisfying to be there and see for yourself, experience the beauty of the course than to read about it from someone else. It makes a lot of sense especially when you come to think about how incredible it is for you and your loved ones to enjoy a really good game while still doing all you can to ensure that you have fun at the same time. To be precise, this is what the Troia golf course is all about.

When you are making your holiday schedules and booking your holiday at this golf course, you need to check in and see the tee times so that you can ensure that no one gets to conflict in with your schedule. It helps to book ahead of time, so that the last thing you have to worry about is coming all the way for a retreat only to realize that you cannot get to play when you want to, for one reason or the other. Golfers are respectable and organized people, and you should keep that in mind when you are planning your golf trip.

The Troia is indeed a challenging course, one of the most challenging in this part of Portugal to say the least. It is designed just at the crossroads of Serra da Arrábida and the Sado Estuary. With 18 holes and a par 72 course, this is one of the places in Portugal that anyone who appreciates their game would love to ensure that they play in. The expansive course extends some meters along the beach, allowing you some splendid view of the sea while you are playing.

Another feature that perhaps you might need to know about is the fact that this magnificent golf course was the artistic work of Trent Jones Senior, the American golf architect. Ranked in 2011 as one of the best golf courses in the world there is every good chance that you will definitely want to try out the greens on this course if you are ever in Portugal.