Perfecting Your Basic Ball Position: Golf Instructions

Every golfer wants to hit the sweet spot of the golf ball as often as he or she can. Doing this requires an excellent ball position from the start so that errors are avoided as much as possible. Consistency is key so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ball position should stay the same for every club length. Here are some pointers on how to maintain the perfect ball position every time and how to adjust your body accordingly.

Distance in relation to the club you use

There is a certain distance that is appropriate for each category of club. These categories can be divided into the driver, the long irons, the short irons, and the wedges.

Where the ball should lie in relation to the club you use

Now take the distance and combine it with the left-to-right position of the ball. This will guide you as to how far the ball should be from the centre of your feet. The further away you stand, the more to the left the ball should be. For wedge shots the ball will be dead centre, so work your way left from that point.

How your body accommodates a consistent ball position with irons

The key to keeping a consistent ball position is by making sure you accommodate your body appropriately each time. For short irons, your feet will be fairly close to ball and your shoulders will be level with each other. When you are using irons which are slightly longer, you will move back slightly and your right shoulder will be slightly lower than the left. Finally, when it comes to long irons, your left shoulder will be even lower and you will need to stand back a fair distance to accommodate the length of your club.