How To Solve Your Shot Height Problems In Golf

A number of height problems experienced by golfers come from how the ball is hit. There are golfers under the impression that you have to hit the ball with your club while making the club go underneath the ball. In many cases this is unnecessary but it does have something to do with how your club head comes in contact with the ball surface. Making your club come at the ball in a downward motion can help obtain better ball height. Here are some tips to help you see better results.

Know Ideal Ball Height to Achieve for the Shot

Think about what happens when a professional golfer hits the ball. Pay attention to how the ball moves once it has been hit. It may travel forward before moving upward. It may reach a peak before coming down in a vertical fashion, and then it may stop but not too far from where it originally hit the green. To achieve this type of result you should make your club head come downward at the back of the ball. This element helps create backspin for the ball to stay in motion when it is airborne.

Ensure Proper Movement of Clubhead after Ball Strike

The club head may find its way into the ground somewhat when you make contact with the ball. This may take place with the club head going roughly 2 or 3 inches in the ground after striking the ball. In other words you are looking to create a small divot. When this occurs it is a good sign you established proper contact and your swing motion was solid. Some golfers may do this incorrectly and make the club head go too deep and as a result, the ball pops up with not enough backspin and it won’t stay in the air for long.

Additional Tips to Help with Shot Height

Make sure you understand how the club head should make contact with the ball. Pay close attention to your approach and setup for the shot. Don’t be afraid to hit the ball using a downward motion. If you have proper setup with a good grip and swing control you should be able to complete the shot without creating a huge divot or hurting yourself. You can do a practice drill using a ball and placing a small object in front of it. Practice hitting the ball but focus on the object in front of it.