Tee Time Tips: Learn to Focus for the Entire Swing

Focus is one of the most challenging parts of playing good golf. In order to hit successful shots throughout the day, you need to be focused on the technique in your swing and not let your mind wander onto distractions. However, that is much easier said than done. If you are going to lower your scores and become a better golfer, learning to focus is one of the most important things you can do.

To help you improve focus, following is a list of things you should not be focusing on while you play. Eliminate these distractions from your mind and your game should quickly improve.

Distraction #1 – Hazards

Golf courses are full of hazards meant to not only catch your ball, but also mess with your head. You need to block out the distraction of hazards and just focus on the execution of your swing. There is nothing you can do about the presence of hazards such as water or sand, so just forget that they are there and keep your eyes focused on the target that you are aiming for.

Distraction #2 – Score

It is easy to get wrapped up in your score while you are playing a round, but that doesn’t serve any purpose to help you play better. Try to write down your score after each hole and then forget about it when you start playing the next. If you are constantly worried about your score and what each shot will mean in the big picture, it is hard to remain focused on executing your swing correctly. Put the scorecard out of your mind and keep a clear head for the shot at hand.

Distraction #3 – Other Players

The other golfers around you can be a distraction and cause you to lose focus on your own game. There is nothing wrong with chatting with your fellow players during the round – in fact, that is part of the fun of the game of golf. However, you need to be able to stop the chatting when you are getting ready to hit and focus in on your shot. When you are walking between shots, or riding in the cart, is the proper time to talk to your playing partners and have a good time. When it comes time to hit your shots, focus in and get ready to perform your best.