A List of Great Rules for Practicing Golf

If you are going to get better at golf, you are going to need to practice – that probably isn’t a surprise. What you might not know, however, is that many golfers waste their time on the practice range by working on things that won’t help them out on the course. You don’t want to have your practice time wasted, so it is important that you understand what things you should be working on, and how you should be doing it. After all, if your practice sessions don’t make you a better golfer out on the course, what is the point?

Following are three rules for practicing your game that you should do your best to follow whenever possible. Hopefully, with some hard work and the help of these rules, better golf is just right around the corner.

Practice Rule #1 – At Least Half Short Game

When you are heading out to the practice range for a session, you should plan out you are going to spend your time. For example, if you have one hour to practice before you need to leave, decide how to spend all 60 of those minutes so that they aren’t wasted. A good rule of thumb to follow is that at least half of your practice time should be dedicated to the short game. So, in this case, you would need to spend at least 30 minutes on putting and chipping, with the rest open to hit range balls.

Practice Rule #2 – Stay Focused

If you get distracted out on the practice range and just start to go through the motions, you won’t be doing your game any favors. Stay focused throughout your practice session and make sure that each swing has a purpose and a target. Poor practice habits are sure to make their way out onto the course.

Practice Rule #3 – Hit All Your Clubs

Sure, it’s fun to just launch driver after driver, but that isn’t a realistic representation of what you will be doing out on the course. Try to move back and forth between your clubs so you have to adjust to one after another just as you do during a round of golf. For a fun challenge, imagine that you are playing your favorite course while hitting range balls and use the clubs that you would need as if you were playing through a round. This will help keep your mind engaged and make sure that all of your clubs get a workout.