Golf Regions in Portugal: 5 Facts About Costa Verde

The northern regions of Portugal are arguably the ultimate destination hotspots for golfers around the globe. This may be fairly attributed to the luxurious resorts that boast some of the world’s grandest golf courses. If you’re considering paying Portugal a visit, then don’t even think about leaving your golf clubs behind—especially if locations like Costa Verde or Minho are on your to-visit list.

So to prepare you for your visit, here are some interesting facts about Portugal’s Costa Verde.

You don’t have to spend a lot

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to go for the expensive resorts to get a fantastic experience in Costa Verde. Resorts that charge cheaper rates are often just as good if not better than their pricey competitors. If you enjoy quaint furnishings and casual service that doesn’t compromise on quality, don’t feel limited to the ultra luxurious in order to enjoy yourself.

Costa Verde golf resorts offer great discounts

There are further discounts offered by many of these unsung heroes. The discount system for Costa Verde resorts is often based on factors such as:

Size isn’t everything

Many golfing tourists assume that staying at a large golf resort is better than visiting some of the smaller ones. The truth is it’s often more enjoyable to stay at a small resort due to the ease of logistics involved. A golf course that’s easily accessible at a resort that’s not over-packed with tourists can be way more enjoyable than oversized, popular resorts. Make a point of looking for the hidden gems in the area—there are plenty.

Start practicing against the wind

Costa Verde is an extremely windy region. It’s rare to have a day when the wind isn’t blowing at high speeds. While it’s sometimes not windy during the mornings, this isn’t a guarantee; so it’s advisable to start working on your wind play.

Spain is one day’s drive and a ferry ride away

Golf is no stranger to Spain either, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t pack your golf kit and spend a day travelling over to the nearest Spanish golf course. A short ferry ride and a day’s drive will bring you to another beautiful country that’s as rich in culture as it is in golfing pleasure.