Advanced Golf Instruction: How To Deal With Flyer Lies

When you play a shot into the rough you risk getting the ball under grass cover where you will have more trouble getting it out and safely to the target. Flyer lies can be described as where the golf ball lies on the ground under thick grass cover. This is especially the case when the grass is growing towards the target. Flyer lies should not be confused with a fluffy lie as both require different hitting techniques. A fluffy lie is where the ball is held up by the thick grass cover and is therefore no in contact with the ground.

What does a Flyer Lie Mean for your Game?

When the golf ball is in a flyer lie, hitting it tends to launch it into high speed flight where it does not stop at the intended target. Instead of getting it closer to the target, the ball usually flies right across the green and into trouble. It is important to note that the effects of a flyer-lie not only affect amateurs but also pro golfers alike. The main reason that the ball flies is that the grass cover counters the backspin provided by the club face therefore eliminating its stopping effect. This means that ball does not stop but continues moving past the target.

This makes it quite important for the player to identify the bad lie and then use their golfing knowledge to make the right shot. One thing that you should note is that it is always going to be difficult to estimate the distance of a flyer lie, and making the correct club selection is vital. Always pick a smaller club than the one normally intended for the distance you are facing. This will help you tone down on the power of the shot.

How to Play a Flyer Lie

When facing this intimidating shot, make sure that you follow the above advice when selecting the appropriate club to use. The ball position should be an inch behind the normal position to have a better chance of avoiding most of the grass. It is also recommended that you aim further left of our target and open up the club face ever so slightly.

The flyer lie is a difficult shot to make so you should try your best to follow the above guide in identifying it and subsequently dealing with it appropriately.