How To Plan A Group Golf Vacation In Vilamoura

Vilamoura hosts some of the best golf courses in Portugal. For this reason it has become a destination favourite for many golfers from America, Australia and other European countries. If you have a good connection with your golf buddies, then planning a trip to Vilamoura is an experience you will not easily match. Here are some tips on how to plan your Vilamoura golf vacation as a group of three or more.

Let them know you’re coming

When booking your holiday—whether through an agent or direct—be sure to mention that you are a group. The larger your group, the more discounts you can claim. See if you can get a discount on your flight tickets, your accommodation, and even on the course fees. Group rates are also set up by many travel agencies and hotels in Portugal. Take advantage of these wherever you can.

Come prepared

Golf shops in Portugal are generally quite expensive. If you don’t come with all your gear, you will be forced to make purchases you weren’t prepared for. Bring enough balls, golf attire and bring all your clubs too—even the ones you think you won’t need. In order to bring your best game, you must be fully equipped.

Come prepared

We just said that, didn’t we? Yes, but we want to mention a different kind of preparation here: the preparation of your golf skills. Vilamoura is known for some difficult golf courses and a good polish of your skills is needed to navigate the courses properly.

Know your battlefield

A big part of coming fully prepared for your golf games is knowing which courses you will be playing. First of all, make sure you book your courses in advance. Last minute bookings often come at a higher price. Second, download some maps of the golf courses you will be playing. Also check out the scorecards and begin to put a strategy together of how you will be playing each course. Strategizing is half the fun in playing golf and will put you ahead of your companions.

Because you’re travelling in a group, you will be splitting the costs. Discuss this aspect with each other and make sure that everyone is prepared for other expenses—so that the entire group isn’t left covering for one member. Other than that, enjoy your trip!