5 Simple Suggestions On How To Carry Out A High Lob Shot

Just in case you are still trying to learn how to perform the high lob shot, rest assured that it is one of the easiest shots you can ever come to perform so far. Of course there are so many players who are struggling to make it work, but in real sense not all of them ever get it right. Just like the normal lob shot, you will have to be patient and exercise a high level of caution before you can eventually lay claim to being able to perform this shot accordingly. It is therefore a good idea for you to think hard about this, and it makes you learn other important skills along the way that will help you become a better player in due course.

In as far as the high lob shot is concerned the following are simple suggestions that will assist you learn to perfect your skills and your chances of having a good game too:

Weight management

As you are addressing the ball, make sure that you can appropriately shift your weight with respect to the ball, the target and the nature of the slope on the course. Do not shift too much weight on one leg because this will eventually affect the outcome of the high lob shot.

Addressing the ball

Before you line up a shot, make sure you have the ball straight within your stance. Having done that, ensure you have it just slightly more forward than you normally do, then strike. To be precise, make sure you have the ball ahead of your spine.

Perfect grip

So many players take the grip for granted. You cannot hold the club whichever way you want and expect to nail a nice high lob shot. On the contrary, you might just end up with a topped shot.

Focus on the follow through

From time to time you will be asked by your tutor to pay more attention to the follow through, and this is for a good reason. Try and keep it up. In fact, the follow through is supposed to go all the way to the end, and finally come to rest when you make a three o’clock.

Dedicate more time to practice

This shot will demand lots of practice from you in order to be perfect. Do ensure you have the time for it.