What Makes The Santo De Serra Golf Course Unique?

Madeira Island is one of the unique golf holiday destinations in the world. With world class courses located on this Mediterranean paradise, amateurs and professionals alike flock the island in a bid to experience the splendid weather and most of all breathtaking golf courses. The Santo de Serra golf course in Madeira has been rated as one of the most captivating in Europe and the world as well. The course offers the chance to play on fast greens while enjoying one of the most captivating views. It is simply a true representation of just how well nature and golf can blend.

The Island’s first and arguably most beautiful course was designed in the thirties and constructed and opened in 1937 as a nine-hole course. This original course was only made up of par three holes. It was later remodeled by the famous American designer Robert Trent Jones in 1991. During the redesign, only six holes of the original nine were retained while the total number was increased to 27 holes. It is important to note that this area has been associated with golf since the early twenties. This works to give the impression that golf was destined for the region.

The main attraction when it comes to the Santo de Serra golf course comes in how the man-made course seamlessly blends in with the natural setting. Natural vegetation comes together with the green turf to create one of the best courses. Both pros and amateurs have come to this course over and over again to witness this picturesque view while they enjoy their favorite game. The course brings together views of the nearby visible mountains alongside the vast blue Atlantic Ocean; a fitting backdrop for the highly luxurious and deserving course.


The course itself is lined with fast greens designed to be enjoyed by those seeking a relaxing game of golf while taking in the amazing beauty of the landscape, as well as professionals looking for their next challenge. This is made possible by the inclusion of four optional tees on each hole. The player is allowed to choose their preferred level of difficulty in accordance to their playing objectives.

The course also has world class facilities available to all guests and players. There is a clubhouse, restaurant and bar among other facilities. Practice areas for all aspects of golf are also available.