The Easiest Way To Calculate Your Golf Handicap

How do you calculate the golf scores? To be precise, how do you calculate your handicap in golf? Interesting question indeed, but one that so many beginner players would wish to learn a thing or two about. Learning this is not just about knowing how to calculate your scores, but in real sense it is about finding out how weak or strong you are at golf.

One of the easiest ways of being able to rack the low scores is for you to try and understand the weak areas of your game. There are some things that are relatively easy, such as the full swing. When you are performing stuff like the slice, the hook or hitting a fat, you will get your results almost immediately. What about the short game? Did you know that more than 70% of the shots that you hit normally end up inside 100 yards? A lot of people actually end up struggling with their short game. So many players out there find it hard to pinpoint the exact challenges that they have in as far as their putting handicap us concerned. Today however you are in luck for we will learn some of the most important tips you need to know about calculating your handicap in golf. There are different categories of putts under which calculations are carried out. These are as follows:

It is these categories that are used to determine your handicap. You must be wondering how this is done, right?

Lag putts

These are taken from more than 40 feet, and help you avoid the three putts. Points are accrued depending on where the ball falls, from zero to 4 points if you land it in the hole. Scores between 0-3 mean that you are handicap 30-40, while scores between 11 and 13 mean your handicap is under 4.


These are taken between 25 and 30 feet, and are almost similar to the lag putts. Scores of under three imply a handicap more than 30 or less than 5 if you score more than 12.

Big breaks

Considered some of the most difficult putts ever because of the speed required to nail them. Your handicap is more than 20 if you score under 3, and less than 4 if you score more than 8.

Six footers

Those who strike less than 3 putts have a handicap more than 20, and less than 4 for those who make more than 7.

Three footers

These are some of the easiest putts to deliver. If you use under 5, your handicap is more than 20, or more than 5 if you miss more than 3 or 2.