What Is The Secret To Hitting A Solid Lob Shot In Golf?

To make the ball stop and land quickly you need to hit a lob shot. This shot requires hitting the ball high enough to produce the result of a quick stop. This shot has a level of difficulty many amateur golfers don’t attempt, but practicing the shot can make a difference in understanding the process. This means you can take time to define a good technique to play with. Eventually this can help you save par when it comes to reducing the number of shots needed at a hole.

Know How to Use Your Club When Taking the Shot

A solid lob shot in golf involves understanding how to use your club and how to obtain good control. You can study your favorite professional golfer and look at how they handle their iron during such a shot. You should pay attention to your posture and how you set up for the shot. These elements play a role in how your iron is used when you get ready to make contact with the ball. Consider your grip method as you hold the club and be sure to have good balance as your legs should be stable when you follow through.

Have Proper Setup to Help Achieve a Good Swing

Your setup may vary somewhat depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve. A number of elements go into your setup including your feet positioning behind the ball and how your arms are positioned while holding your club. Before you swing you should think about where you are trying to get the ball to go and consider its distance. Once you have an idea of how to get the ball in the general area you want, you should visualize how you need to set up for the shot. When you take your shot and the end result is not what you hoped for consider changing an element of your setup.

Use the Path of Your Feet as a Guide with an Open Clubface

An open clubface gives you a better chance of creating a good path for your ball to follow. Actually, you likely already know the path it would travel; you just need to make sure it does so in order to get the shot you want. The path of your feet can help you get a general idea of how to make your club follow through with a solid motion.