How to Find a Professional Tutor without Much Effort

Finding a golf professional you can rely on to tutor you on how to improve your game shouldn't require a great deal of effort, especially if you live in an area where there are several golfers and golf courses nearby. If you feel the need to improve, a good professional golf instructor can identify problem areas and help you correct them much faster and easier than you can on your own through trial and error. Golf instructors, like golfers come in almost every variety. Some instructors work better with better players. Some specialize in beginners, ladies, seniors, juniors or golfers of all ability levels. The key is to find the right one for you and your game.

Ask other golfers you know

Perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to find a good golf instructor is to ask your fellow golfers for a recommendation. In particular, ask a golfer about your same age whose game you would like to emulate. Find out the name and contact information of that golfer's instructor and see if you can set up a lesson. It could be just that easy.

Search local golf instructors online

These days almost every golf course and their instructors advertise their services online. You can usually check out an instructor's credentials, rates, types of lessons and whether they're taking on new students. You may also find reviews from present and former students that can help you decide which instructor(s) to contact. Many instructors offer inexpensive group clinics or a series of classes for golfers of different ability levels that give you the chance to see if their instruction style matches your game before investing in more expensive and extensive private lessons.

Find a golf instructor who won't make you change too much

Everybody has their own natural swing. If you've been playing for some time, your swing has become pretty well ingrained. A total overhaul may require more effort than it's worth. You may get significantly worse before you get better, if ever. That can lead to discouragement and lessen your enjoyment of the game. Look for an instructor who doesn't advocate wholesale change just for the sake of change or to fit his or her rigid interpretation of the golf swing. Find an instructor who can work with the swing you already have and make refinements to your existing swing that are easier for you to implement. Hopefully you'll begin to see improvement soon without too much effort.