4 Reasons To Visit The Costa Esuri Golf Course

This par 72, 18-hole golf course is probably better known for its view than its playability. But the course offers players of various handicaps an opportunity to show off their shot power and aiming ability. Perhaps the reason it is such a big hit with tourists is because of its American design which goes so well with the friendly Portuguese service. Here are four reasons why we think you should visit this excellent golf course.

  1. A great view of Portugal
  2. From the high altitude of the Costa Esuri golf course, you will be able to see much of the Portuguese countryside. The course seems to have been designed around the view which is without question its main attraction. If you come for no other reason, come for the view—and bring someone special along to enjoy it with you.

  3. The course has an American style
  4. Feeling a tad homesick? This course will make you feel right at home with its modern American feel. The Costa Esuri course boasts many aspects in its design and its atmosphere that have been tailored to meet the fancy of American tourists. This is probably why it has become such a popular choice for so many US visitors.

  5. Full service restaurant and bar
  6. The service you will receive at the Costa Esuri golf course is top class. Enjoy a full range of authentic Portuguese food or simply have a drink after your game. Many visitors have left positive reviews of the service received at the course’s facilities so it’s well worth going with your family to enjoy a meal—whether you play or not.

  7. Challenging layout
  8. The Costa Esuri golf course isn’t the hardest golf course in the area, but it will test your skills as much as some of the better known courses in Algarve. Many of the fairways are painfully narrow. You may find yourself using your wedges quite a lot in order to escape the rough terrain on the outskirts.

As you can see, there are a fair amount of reasons why you should visit the Costa Esuri golf course. Go with your golf buddies; go with your family; or go alone. The view will stick in your memory for years to come and the golfing experience will be hard to beat.